Pressurized air accessories

To order, simply print out the brochure and enter the required quantities and address into the form provided. Fax the form to our office and your purchase order is complete (please review our GTC). Click here for our Pressurized Air Catalog.
All prices are quoted in the brochure. If you need large quantities, please contact us for a price quote. Minimum order: € 30,-
Shipping is free for all orders totaling € 200.- and up in merchandise value.
If you have any questions, please call us at : +49 (0) 2151/9931-99

Pressurized Air Catalog

Fast Closing Coupling, Reduction-Nipple

Double Windings, Bushings

Oil-Fog Lubricators, Pressure Regulator,
Pneumatic Oil

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Filter Regulator, Filter, Automated Outlet Valve

Maintenance Units,
Pneumatic Oil

PVC Fabric Hose, Polyamide Hoses

Instant Connection Plugs

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Standard Manometer

Stop Cocks

Pressurized Air Guns,
Hose Clamps
Tire Testers and Accessories
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